Meet the Author

Meryl Davis

Meryl Davis is best known for her illustrious ice-dance career alongside longtime partner, Charlie White. Together, they won six U.S. titles and three Olympic medals for Team USA, including gold in 2014. Meryl is also the season 18 winner of the hit television show, Dancing With the Stars.

Indeed, "Moon Walks" were a magical part of Meryl's childhood and are still a cherished family tradition.

Meryl and her husband currently reside in Los Angeles with their miniature sheepadoodle, Bilbo, who loves cuddles and playing fetch on the beach more than just about anything.

Moon Walk

Let your child know that you are always there for them, no matter what!

Embark upon a wondrous moonlit adventure with your little one as you share this special, rhyming story about the ever-growing bond of love and support between parent and child.

It is often in the quiet moments of life, where we stop to pause and listen to what our children have to say, that we create the greatest bonds with them. Giving them a dedicated time of sole focus and attention helps instill trust, which is a catalyst for open communication.

An Unbreakable Bond

Remind your Mother how much she is loved...

Remind her of the memories you shared together when you were young and the special bond you still have to this day.

This beautiful and newest release is perfect for any mother-daughter duo. Motherhood is such a special gift and "Moon Walk" paints a lovely picture of how that bond is unbreakable.

Written by US Olympic Gold Medalist, Meryl Davis, this heartfelt book is sure to inspire new family traditions and ways of strengthening the bond between family members.

A truly "magical" book to inspire family traditions

Moon Walk

Strengthen Your Family Through Stunning Imagery & Words

48+ Beautifully Illustrated Pages in a Premium Children's Book

Moon Walk - Page 1

What People Are Saying

Moon Walk Testimonial Star

Time with my daughter is limited due to my career, "Moon Walk" creates guaranteed bonding time that I will cherish forever! Wendy Yoshida Pharmacist

Moon Walk Testimonial Star

"Moon Walk" is not only an artistically impressive book, but it's message touches every generation. Greg Wallace Animator

Moon Walk Testimonial Star

My daughters can not get enough of this book! It has been so sweet to watch them bond with one another after reading this book. Lindsey Wilson Brand Strategist

Help instill trust and encourage open communication with your child with "Moon Walk"